Chalk My Logo

A super simple contest. Using chalk, draw a business logo. Businesses who participate offer prizes as incentive to draw their logos and select winning drawings.

This is also a Manitou Days event!

Contest Details

This contest is FREE to play. No purchases necessary. Click adjacent button for Complete Contest Details.  

1. Look at the list of participating businesses on this page below.

2. Draw their logo(s) on pavement/concrete and take a picture of it. Can be drawn anywhere; driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. Draw as many logos as you want (no limits). Make sure your drawing surface is legal or used with approval.

3. Take a Picture of it and post it to our Facebook Group Page.

4. Contest Dates coincide with Manitou Days. Usually in June/July.

5. After Manitou Days has concluded, businesses will review logos drawn of their businesses and decide on the winning drawings. Businesses will notify winners and winners will collect gift cards/prizes directly from them.

2023 Participating Businesses & Prizes

See the list of participating businesses below and the prize(s) they are offering.


Four $25 Amazon Gift Cards

Two $15 Gift Certificates

Kid's Crest Oral-B Electric Toothbrush
& Oral Hygiene Kit ($100 Value)

Four $20 Gift Certificates To Costa Greenhouse or Costa Cornstand

$25 Gift Card

$200 Gift Card

Four $25 Gift Cards to Brickhouse

One White Bear Box ($75 Value)

$20 Gift Certificate

1 Week Pass: 7 Day Unlimited Yoga
($50 Value)

1 Free Month of Daycare

$50 GC To Acqua to 1st Place & $5 Cup N Cone Tokens to 2nd & 3rd Place

$25 Gift Card

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